What is the Connector Management service?

This topic introduces you to the Connectors Management service.

The solution

Connector Management is a SaaS based service that is used by IT administrators for managing CyberArk components and communication tunnels.

Benefits of the Connector Management service:

  • Simple, self-service deployment of connectors on customer environment server, to allow network connectivity for SaaS tasks and services.

  • Platform agnostic

  • Easily deploy the CyberArk Management Agent on dedicated servers for monitoring installed components.

  • Easily deploy components remotely.

  • Can be deployed in any cloud environment or on-premises.

  • View specific component information that is unique and relevant for it's domain.

The CyberArk Management Agent capabilities include:

  • Discovering existing components on the server.

  • Verifying component status and resource consumption (such as, CPU and memory).

  • Collecting and aggregating logs from on premise components for troubleshooting purposes.

  • View and analyze common resource metrics (such as CPU and memory).

  • Each connector can be managed and monitored using the Connector Management service to do the following:

    • Add new connector

    • Check connector status

    • Collect logs (for troubleshooting)

    • Deploy components on existing connectors

    • Remove connectors

How it works

The following diagram presents a detailed view of the Connector Management architecture.



Component Registry

Used for uploading and getting the latest components.

Component Manager

Used for getting the list of components, updating component status, activating components, invoking readiness tests and component installations.

Uses AWS IOT core to manage these processes.

Identity Administration

CyberArk Identity Administration is an identity access management service that enforces privilege, and provides a consistent identity management, authentication and authorization layer for all human and machine identities. it offers integration with external Identity Providers such as LDAP, RADIUS, IDP or Cloud directories for user provisioning, and provides user management interface to assign roles and permissions.

CyberArk Management Agent

Used for monitoring components locally on customer environment using AWS IOT core to manage these processes, and protect features security.

Connector Management UI

Provides the user interface for system administrators.